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What is CMS

Control system of contents of a website (CMS) secures an easy and handy control of a website. Creation, filling and editing of the maintenance of pages of a website is carried out without installation of the software on a computer. Flexibility of a control system of a website and the riches of opportunities the Internet-store will help you to support and advance any Internet-project effectively. No special knowledge in managing a website or Internet-store is necessary for the owner of the website.

Why exactly CMS?

- „Why pay money for a control system of a website? Because you can create a website for less cost and you can just employ a person who will maintain the existing website and make changes.”

 We would like to disagree with this statement. Because the control system of a website CMS – that is your independence. You do not have to pay money every time when you would like to add a page or news to the website that becomes more current at frequent enough change of the content of your website.


  • you can administrate Your website from every computer that has an Internet connection
  • system is adjusted under specific requirements of your site.


  • The renovation of the website – free of charge because it can be done by Your colleagues not hired experts;
  • Installations of additional program maintenance is not required (all the necessary is on the server);


  • A dynamic evolution of the website on the account of new documents, sections, modules or design changes;
  • The system easily switches to and improves with new modules.

Your future or existing website needs a content control system? In that case the best choice will be CMS system on the basis of kernel Flekss and we shall now tell You why.

All work with text on the page is completely visual!

Forget about the HTML times and separate editors!

Now You can edit the content (text, tables, pictures etc.) straight on the page:

You can use styles, make tables, add pictures, insert indications, add different documents to the page; in general You can do everything that is necessary for a perfect work with textual information. And You will instantly see how it all will look in reality for the visitor of the page!

System does not put ANY limitation of Your website’s design. No standard templates, color systems and that sort of nonsense! You just need to define what Your pages’ layout, where the blocs with dynamic content will be set, assign styles etc.

Due to dynamic upload changes (only the changed blocks upload, instead of updating the whole page), the system works very quickly even on slow channels. Besides, in the working process CMS, as much as possible, creates static HTML files that allow to greatly decrease the load on the server and thus also the possibility of generation of mistakes to the minimum.

The structure of CMS module allows enlarging and changing the functional depending of clients’ requirements. Exactly this option of the system allows creating and editing any website with its help. All the system’s pages actually generates on the server that allows creating absolutely real and understandable addresses for all the pages of website!

CMS perfectly fits websites-business-cards that consist of 10-30 pages and simple structure, as well as big corporative websites, portals and web-stores that contain hundreds of pages and thousands of goods’ positions. Thanks to the low price of the system even very small companies or individuals can afford it. Thanks to the high efficiency and easy usage, big companies and organizations choose the system.

without the need for outsourcing or other related maintenance costs. These tools allow them to update and maintain the content on their site with ease and without the need for technical experience.

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